Property management and social networking platform designed for property managers, owner's associations, student residences, and more.



Keep track of resident issues

Doorly allows residents to submit tickets, and management can respond accordingly. Ticket types can be customized and modified to have categorization in a way that is applicable to your needs! Just like every major feature in Doorly, this feature can be turned off it isn't needed.


Allow management of property facilities

Does your property have facilities of interest? If so, enable facilities on your Doorly application and display pictures, information and more about your facilities! You can enable these facilities to be bookable or not, and include all relevant information in one convenient spot.


Keep residents notified

Tired of posting pieces of paper on the wall, hoping that residents see the updates you're trying to share? The news feature allows you to post information relevant to all residents from one interface. This makes distributing new updates and information a breeze! Even specify if you'd like emails to be sent out as well.


Customize platform features to fit your needs

Don't like a feature? Turn it off! We allow customization of our platform and autonomy for you to decide what you need most.

And more!

Wait, there is more!?

This isn't scratching the surface of what Doorly has to offer, we thought we'd just give you a little taste! If these features intrigue you, please join our mailing list.

What is Doorly for?

Doorly was specifically designed to make both property management and the resident experience simpler, more unified and centralized. It doesn't matter if you're a resident, or a property manager with hundreds of properties. Both experiences will be smooth and seamless. Doorly creates simplicity in the management of information, contact and collaboration in both directions. Doorly digitizes much of the 'front desk' experience, and allows a virtual contact point. Doorly's an intuitive and modern portal for both the management of properties and living happily inside one.


Want to access Doorly from a desktop computer, or laptop? No problem. Want to access Doorly from an Android phone or iPhone? We got that covered too. Whatever device you're using - we want to make Doorly available to you.